How to Make a WordPress Blog

//How to Make a WordPress Blog

How to Make a WordPress Blog

Easy Step By Step Guide to Write a WordPress Blog

Are you looking for a easy step by step guide to write your first wordpress blog ? well you are at right place these guide will help you to create your first wordpress blog that is beautiful and functional.

What else do you need to start your first wordpress blog ?

Step 1 : Domain & Hosting

  1. Domain name – A name for your Website ( Ex :
  2. Hosting – A web Hosting Account to make your website live on Internet

The above mentioned are the two things which you should need in order to write your WordPress Blog, So in these guide first we will see :

  1. How to Register Domain Name
  2. How to purchase Web Hosting Account

Before Starting how to Register a Domain Name you need to know what is Domain Name ?

Domain Name is The name of Your Website Or the name which internet user type as address to access your Website. There are many Websites from which you can register your Domain name Ex :, etc and also You can determine if the domain name is available by using above sites or it will help you find out if a similar site name has not been registered.

The Hosting Provider which i recommend to use is Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the biggest company which provides Web Hosting services, There are millions of websites which are hosted on Bluehost and also you can register your Domain Name at Bluehost.

Now Let’s Go Ahead and see how You can Purchase Domain + Hosting on Bluehost.

Once you are on Bluehost Website Click on Green Button ( Get Started Now as Shown Below )

Select Your Plan According To your Needs (As shown Below)

Enter Your Domain Name Which you want to register in (new Domain) or if you already registered Domain name from other Website Please Enter that in (I have a Domain Name field)

Enter Your Account Information to complete Process and also if you want to change your Package/Account Plan you can change it from Dropdown (As shown in Figure) But We recommend to go for 36 Months ($2.75/mo), And if You want extra services like site backup Pro (for Backup of website), Search Engine Jumpstart etc You can Purchase that by paying some Extra Charge.
Lastly, Enter Your Credit Card Information and Submit

Once Completed You Will Receive an Email (Which you have provided In Account Information) With Details of Cpanel (Control Panel) and steps to Login. These is the place where you will install WordPress, Make Emails/Manage Emails, Create Databases, Add DNS Records and many more things

Step 2: Installing WordPress

To Install WordPress, 1st you have to login to your cpanel Account by Entering ( Once You Login in cpanel you will see icons which are Divided into Different Sections.

Click on WordPress icon under the Section Website (As shown below)

In the Next Screen Select Your Domain from the dropdown and click on next and leave Directory Field Empty otherwise WordPress will be installed in that directory ( Ex: ).


Now Enter Your Site Title, Admin Username and Admin Password and make sure to check all The Checkboxes and click Next, Now your WordPress Starts Installing

While installing it will show you WordPress themes so there is no need to do anything right now with that

Also, you can check your installation progress in header bar and once installation is complete click on that link it will display your admin username  and password with WordPress login link it will be something like these in our case it will be (Ex: )

Click on that link and now you can login in WordPress, Once you logged in WordPress Then comes our Next Step

Step 3: Installing Theme

Themes play most important Part in WordPress to change the look and feel of your Website, there are many pre-made themes in which some are paid and some are Free,

The Installation of the theme is very simple in WordPress Below are the Steps to Install New Theme :

Go to Appearance > Themes


Now Click on for ( Free Themes ) or Upload to Upload premium theme File

Now you can Search Your theme from thousands of WordPress themes, Further, it is divided into different Categories (Popular, Latest, Featured etc)

Once You Select your theme simply hover mouse cursor over your theme and click on install, once installation is complete click on Activate

Now our Next step and Final Step is to Add Blog

Step 3: Let’s Add Your First Blog

Writing/Creating Blog is Not a big Deal you can write your blog in minutes and it is very much simple in WordPress so now let’s see how we can Create a blog in WordPress in no time.

Our First step is Go to Posts and click on Add new

Now you can see a panel to add our new post,

Enter Blog Title in ( Enter title here Field ) Add your content in Text Area, You can select Different font -sizes from paragraph dropdown also you can add media ( for images & videos ), can change text color from color picker, Select/Add new Category , Set Featured Image, Select Tags and so on

Know more About Tags & Categories

After Adding Content Click on Publish (As shown Below) This is where you get your post shown to the world  You can also set a publication date to schedule your post in the future or save the post as a draft for more editing.

Congratulations! You just published your first blog post.

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