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How get your Blog Posts at the Top of Google Search?

Most of the new bloggers, after writing the blog post, just sit back and wait for their article to get indexed by Google and show at the top of the searches. Which obviously is not possible unless the article has a very unique topic. So what do you do next, to get your article at […]

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Ultimate Visitor Retention Tool

Till now I thougth Feedburner was best but with an analysis I  found I should have shifted to Aweber long ago Here is a comparision of Feedburner vs Aweber In FB you cant send email when needed while in AB you can In FB the new subscriber will get the messages and emails from the […]

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Set up campaigns and track in analytics – Solution

Google analytics has made it extremely to track and calculate marketing efficiency using the campaign tracking tool. Google provides an Tool to generate the tracking url below I have generated a url This url says that the source is gmail and medium of marketing is email and campaign name is massmailingdecember. Once this url is […]

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