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The hidden Dangers of Facebook

Though the topic looks a bit, odd but I know by the time you finish this blog ,you would not only accept it but propagate it among your friends. To begin with no, device,instrument,service is without disadvantages how much beneficial it looks at the face value. And Facebook is no exception. Now let’s face the […]

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How To Select All Friends in Facebook for Invite

There are a number of methods that you can use to select all the friends for inviting as facebook makes it compulsary to select all friends individually. Method 1 You need to have Google Chrome. The install an extension called Facebook Invite All from here Once this is installed then you can go to […]

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How to get clean url for my facebook Page? like

How do i get my page name after in facebook url, or how to set my username in facebook is explained here. Login into facebook id Then go to You will get a list of options for which you can set your username or page name. IF you have less than 25 fans you […]

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