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DM-BFAC SMS Scams- Be careful!

Just today I received a message on my mobile “CONGRATS {my_number} has WON $3000 CASH prize, call  +2463798153  now”. At the first instance I was really happy, but a second thought over the message made me think of its veracity. Then immediately I went to the most searched place in the world, Google Search and put the query. […]

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Redmondpie Feedburner Link

Hello, To subscribe to redmondpie via feedburner for email or newsletter use the below. Enter your email address:  Delivered by FeedBurner I could’nt find it on mail website we I wanted to subscribe, so just put it here for all !!! I am sure Asad will be happy!

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J u s t D o i t !

Most of us are get into situations of managing work at office and many times in life. We spend a lot of time thinking which actions to do first, which tasks to take up later. This is called planning and prioritizing. Sometimes it happens that we get so much into planning that action seems to […]

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