Suppose every day if you are given 1,000 dollars and told that you can spend it however you like. However, at the end of the day, if you have any balance money left, it will be taken back; any person with common sense will try to spend all the money to buy something useful and will try not to leave any balance or spend in foolish things.
However in our daily lives, we are given daily 86,400 seconds. But can we account where we have spent these seconds. Very little part of the time is used in useful things and majority of the time is spend in useless, non-productive things or waiting for the right time (time wasted in waiting for time).
We need to realize where we are going. Time once gone will never come back, no matter how much money you can give. (Even million dollars will not bring that moment back.)
Value of day – ask the daily wage laborer who missed a day because of health.
Value of hour – ask the glass maker whose goods got destroyed because he took out of the furnace late.
Value of minute – ask person who missed the train.
Value of second – ask the runner who lost the Olympic race.
Do value and respect your time.
Don’t waste it, nor let others waste your time.