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Using mobile as portable scanner, barcode reader, spy / surveillance camera ; other uses for Android phones

In addition to making calls, todays phones are coming with number additional features. And many times we fail to realise the full potential of these features. The mobile phone camera is one such option. Following are the possible usages of mobile camera:- Still Photos Basic – Using mobile phone camera for taking picture of good […]

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Saving Battery juice on HTC Android Mobile, Tips for conserving battery life

Battery drainage is a major issue for smart phones like HTC Android mobiles like Desire & HD2 . The following are some tips for conserving battery life and reducing battery consumption: 1. The reason why battery life is low in Smart phones because of high speed processor which run lots of process at any given […]

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Taking snapshot of computer screen

When working with computers you may want to take screen snapshot for variety of reasons such as: 1. To show to friends 2. Snap of Technical problem to forward to the technical person. 3. Status of the screen. Whatever be the reason, the procedure is very simple. 1. When you are on the screen of […]

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