Battery drainage is a major issue for smart phones like HTC Android mobiles like Desire & HD2 . The following are some tips for conserving battery life and reducing battery consumption:

1. The reason why battery life is low in Smart phones because of high speed processor which run lots of process at any given time and consumes lot of juice (battery). The logical thing would be to reduce the number of running programs. It is possible that you do not need some of the programs which are running in the background and you are not even aware that they are running. Advanced Task Killer V 1.9.3 or higher is one of the programs which gives list of running programs and can kill (close) programs with single touch. It has also got a Auto Kill option which can close programs at regular intervals. There are many other programs in the market and I have not tried all of them. If you know a better one, let us know in the comments section.

2. The number of active widgets on the home screen consume juice and you may want to remove those that are not necessary.

3. Closing Bluetooth, WiFi, & Network when not in use is a big battery saver.

4. Maps & GPS are big battery consumer and it is better to turn them off when not required.

5. Reducing the screen brightness helps in saving battery life.

6. Reducing screen time out period also saves battery life.

7. Auto-sync, Screen Orientation and Haptic (vibration) feedback are other options which consume battery and can be considered for disabling when not required.

8. Weak network signals results in higher battery drainage. Nothing can be done on this issue unless the service provider install another tower in your area 😉


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