I had a lot of problem sharing important files with my colleague. Whenever we were working on a common project file sharing was a necessity. To overcome this issue we created Shared Folder through the LAN. But there was a big problem, whenever my colleague’s Laptop was Off or he was out of station, I couldn’t access those important files, since the folder was in his Laptop and it was shared through LAN.

Luckily, a few days ago I came across Dropbox through one of my friends, and it helped solve our problem wonderfully. We created an account in Dropbox and simply dropped those files which we wanted to share. Now, the files are always availbe online whether my colleage is there or not, even if both of us are on business trip in separate locations. We just open the dropbox and access it.

And the best part is, Dropbox is creating backups for our files!! So we don’t have to worry about the files getting deleted or lost.

If you want to create a free account with 2GB space just click the link below and signup.

FYI, I am not getting paid for this review…lol.

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