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Check if port is open or closed on server – SOLUTION

Many time we need to know which all ports are open on our server and which are closed. Open ports are needed for usually using smtp, pop, imap, ftp services. Usually people encounter error using email scripts because the pop or smtp ports like 995, 993, 465 are sometimes closed by the web hosting company. […]

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Doteasy Webhosting REVIEW – 5 years usage

I had used webhosting and domain registration since 2003 and had very bad experiences with them. is good at marketing, and at that time was one of the few companies which were providing hosting and domain for very cheap rate. I had signed up 2 seperate accounts for my clients, one for […]

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Find websites hosted on same server – SOLUTION

I had been following a blog for long time and really liked the manner in which it was running. This created a┬ácuriosity┬áthat maybe this person is running some more websites which I dont know. Then I thought of finding out which all websites are hosted on this server. For this we need to do a […]

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