This review is for marketing plan on arvixe and not Arvixe Webhost Review you can see our experience with Arvixe Personal Plan here

We had taken Arxive Email Marketing Plan and had a quite disgusting experience with them.

Period of Use: One Month (2010 June)

During the signup and after customer support was very bad. After repeated request and trials we sent Arvixe and Arvand (Owner of Arvixe) and the QA depaartment email as follows

Your replies are too slow what it comes to Email Marketing hosting plan as no one has much knowledge it seems. Rohit in chat says please open a ticket, then i get a reply after 12 houts.. Already wasted 3 days of my one month subscription.Arvand Please see.’ (which is at the cost of around 14$/month)

And believe me I recieved a very disgusting and cold response from Mr.Arvand – Owner.

He sends me 2 emails

‘The solution is to wait for our support staff to help you. Alternate solution is to cancel your account and use a different provider. Please note that our premium hosting support is not for email marketers and for customers using our services for hosting (blogs, forums, etc.) . Email Marketers damage our network and reputation and do not receive quick/premium support. Please keep that in mind when dealing with our support staff and be patient’

and Second one

Please do not forward issues about MarketingClass to QA. If you are not happy with the service you receive with MarketingClass, I suggest canceling your account and using a different provider as we can not provide any better service when it is related to the MarketingClass accounts.’

The Marketing Plan was a complete waste for us and is only a money making plan for the Hosting company.  It also seems that the server is designed such the most of the emails bounce back. I tried sending about 900 emails per hour and about 80% of them bounced back due to some or the other reasons.

My marketing Plan is expiring tomorrow 🙂