I had used Doteasy.com webhosting and domain registration since 2003 and had very bad experiences with them.

Doteasy.com is good at marketing, and at that time was one of the few companies which were providing hosting and domain for very cheap rate. I had signed up 2 seperate accounts for my clients, one for zohraoprhanage.org and other for iconcomputersllc Dubai

What Doteasy.com did was it locked me with its service and I was not able to move out. For the domain, Zohraoprhanage.org in the end I was forced not to renew this account and let it expire. I then got it re-registered using name.com (See review here).

Doteasy puts lock on some of the most basic services that any domain registrar and web hosting would provide and will charge you for providing that feature.

Proof that I used Doteasy - Photo snap from my mail!!!

In all I will rate doteasy 2 stars and costwise 3 stars

Also see my review of Arvixe (Had some good and bad experiences with this one, but it is fine.)

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