When we had signed up with Arvixe it around 2 years ago. We have been from various Shared hosting and infact still maintain our sites on different servers. Because shared hostings are not relaible.

Let me first review Arvixe with some personal experiences.

We first signed up for Arvixe personalclass which gives unlimited space and bandwidth and 6 domains. As our other servers were overloaded and we need more domains we signed up for PersonalClass Pro which gives us unlimited domains.
We test uptimes for our servers using To tell the truth Arvixe has downtime.

Pingdom gave us the following Feb 2010 –

Uptime   Outages     Response time
99.71%        4                743 ms

Second thing was a threatning email we recieved from Arvixe. Some of my sites recieve a high no. of Visitors and this requires a good amount of bandwith and server usage. I recieved a email that my sites are causing load on server and I should consider upgrading from to Busines Plan or Reseller Plan. Wow what it this!! I thought I was given unlimited space/bandwith.

But still to be frank I find
the best in all the shared servers that I have used.

Ratings – in comparision to Shared Servers

Customer Service – 4.5 Star
Pricing – 5 Star (You can find coupons) !!! I used one to get 24$ discount.
Technical Capabalities – 4 Star
Lies – 2 Star 🙂 (Lower the better)

To be frank even this site is also on Arvixe.

Update – May 31st

Our hosting plan and all the websites hosted were closed down by Arvixe as a Malware has entered the server. We recieved an email from arvixe

Then i replied with come clarifications and got all my 20 sites back. But we were disappointed that they had suspended our account without any prior notifications.

Update: Arvixe Review – Email Marketing Web Hosting Added – 3rd July 2010

Update – 24 Oct 2010 – Ejected from Arvixe

On 24th Oct suddenly my account was suspended by arvixe forever. The reason was excess resource usage. Even though my plan was unlimited plan i was asked to upgrade to Business Class or VPN hosting at arvixe. What i found during these years of stay on arvixe was that every now and then the company is not satisfied with us using their Personal pro plan and wants us to upgrade.

Please see the conversations below
From arvixe suddenly on 24 oct
The hosting account listed below has been suspended. The reason for suspension is also listed below.

Account Status:
Suspension Date:

2010-10-23 09:23:12
Reason for Suspension:
Excessive Resource Usage
My Reply

Please do let me know what happened. One of my sites in getting more than
7000 visitors daily could this be the reason. Do let me know and please un suspend the
we cannot continue to host this account on Kuala. We need you to consider an upgrade to a Business Class account, VPS or Dedicated. This account is simply not acceptable to host on our Personal Class services any longer. We do apologize about the inconvenience. To discuss upgrading, please email and reference this ticket # VRM-462-19376
My Reply

Please give us one day to decide if we should go ahead with business class or register another personal plan. Please note that today is Sunday. And we need one more day. Also please understand that one of our site is currently getting more than 7500 visitors every day. This suspension without notification is causing great loss.
Kindly consider my request and un suspend my account in the mean while we decide our course of action.
We’ve been as lenient as we can with this. We are providing other customers with sub-par service whenever your account is active on that server. We simply can’t continue to do that.
I am sorry for inconvinence. Please activate my account for next 24 hours. SO that my sites will be running and i can get to download my complete account backup.

Once again regret the inconvinence caused.
Once the backup is ready, you will be updated. Please be patient. Your account is about 6GB of size.
Mourad Dmeiri
Hello Arvand,

I really had a wonderful time with my hosting account at arvixe. But i have some complaints that will be nice if you can address them for future.

When every any account is using excess resources it will be better if you can inform them (Warning) before suspending. I didnt recieve any warning any my account was permenntly suspended. Secondly a website when it is getting more thn 8000 visitors per day is expected to cause certain amount of load. And since this website is geniune and not taking up the resources in an wrong manner it is expected that you inform the customer that this is the problem. If excess resource usage is due to some illeagl activitly then i would have agreed to your action. Secondly some people in your Support are to rude. Like me Mourrad. He just opens up the support and then forgets that he was on  a chat. Today morning he made me wait more than 30 minutes just to tell in the end that i should open a ticket.
Just know also i was chatting with him and he is just simply overacting. I am really sorry to say this.
I thank you for providing me a wonderful service at Arvixe.