In addition to making calls, todays phones are coming with number additional features. And many times we fail to realise the full potential of these features. The mobile phone camera is one such option. Following are the possible usages of mobile camera:-

Still Photos

Basic – Using mobile phone camera for taking picture of good times. Because you have the mobile with you all the time, you won’t miss any memorable moments. It is suggested to go for 3 megapixel or higher configuration.

Mobile/ Portable Scanner – The camera of the mobile phone can work as an excellent amature scanner. You can take photos of your ID cards, certificates or any other important document you need within seconds. No need for any photocopy machine. Taking photos of you department telephone list, shopping recipts and warranty cards and airline tickets has been beneficial for me many times. And if I like something when I am browsing, I take snap of the computer screen itself.

Witness – Once during hit and run accident, taking a snap at the right time helped me in catching the culprit. I always take photos immediately after any accident.

Barcode scanner – Now a days you get softwares in the Android market which turn your camera into barcode scanners. A good app for this is Barcode Scanner V3.53 & above using which we can get product info.

Coming to video option:

Basic – It can be used as Video Cam to record & share exciting moments instantly with family and friends.

Witness – It can be your witness and proof if some enthical things are happening in your presence. You can turn of the sound and flashlit features for during such operations.

Surveillance / Spy camera – In smart Android phones, you can use them for surveillance by installing the required software in your mobile & desktop/laptop. There are quite a few softwares in the Android market.

Have been using your phone camera in a innovative way, not mentioned here…share with us in comments section below.

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