Most of the new bloggers, after writing the blog post, just sit back and wait for their article to get indexed by Google and show at the top of the searches. Which obviously is not possible unless the article has a very unique topic.

So what do you do next, to get your article at the top of Search?

Below are a few tips, which can be implemented after you post your Blog:

1. Go to Yahoo Answers and write a question related to your post. And then answer it with a different ID and give the link back to your Blog.

2.Write partial article in Hubpages & link back to your Blog for complete article.

3.Submit it to Social Bookmarking websites like : StumbleUpon,Digg,Reddit,Delicious & Mixx.

4.Press the Facebook Like button on your Blog Post.


Just as proof for this technique, Search this in Google “high keywords categories” and you will find that, out of the top 4 results, 3 of them belong to MyWebExperience. One is through Hubpages, another through Yahoo Answers and finally the website itself.

It even bet the top Bloggers like .

So, next time you ever post an article, don’t stop there. The actual marketing work starts from there.