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Crontab creating multiple files with increasing numbers like php.1 php.2

The crontab in ubuntu was creating muntiple files with same name as the file in execution. I was running the file fr_bom.php in cron tab and it created multiple file like this fr_bom.php.409 fr_bom.php.410 fr_bom.php.411 I was wondering how do delete them suddenly it flashed to me that i should use wild card I used rm fr_bom.php.* […]

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How to add comment in crontab ubuntu – Linux – Solution

To add comments in crontab ubuntu is very simple and easy. I just got it in few seconds I wanted to comment out some cronjobs so i just added # at the start of the line. Like this #This is a comment Do let me know if this was easy!!!

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Installing PEAR Mail for PHP On Ubuntu – Linux

You need to run these commands in putty sudo apt-get install php-pear sudo pear install mail sudo pear install Net_SMTP sudo pear install Auth_SASL sudo pear install mail_mime

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