All your website data will be stored in the database. sometimes you want to clone your database to shift a website or to just keep a backup of your MySQL Database.

Almost all hosting Companies provide MySQL Database management. you can interact with MySQL using some command lines.

Why use phpMyAdmin to duplicate Database.

phpMyAdmin Provides a web-based interface for MySQL Database management. this can be used to import/Export Database, Add new users, Reset Passwords, Manually backup database, change site URL etc.

Let’s see how we can clone WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin.

Copy / Duplicate WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

Visit your website Cpanel. once logged in, Scroll down to Databases Section and click on phpMyAdmin.

Depending on the hosting provider cPanel Dashboard looks different. Just look for phpMyAdmin and open it.

Now it will open phpMyAdmin Interface. Look for Database tab from the top and click on it to continue.

Now it will show a list of all the available databases.

Click on your WordPress website database from the list.

Next, you will see the tables of your website database, click on operations from top tabs to continue.

Now you will see copy database to box. you need to provide the name for the new duplicate database and make sure to check the button structure and data.

Click on go to create a new duplicate database.

phpMyAdmin will now create a database. once finished you will see a success message.

Click on Databases tab to check your newly created database in the list.

Manually Backup Database using phpMyAdmin.

If You are using shared hosting some hosting providers will not give the option to make a duplicate of the database.

In such a situation, you can export your database file and import in a new database.

Let’s see how to export the database.

Exporting Database using phpMyAdmin.

To export the database select your database from the databases list.

Now click on the export tab from the top and select custom method.

Here in Custom method check all the tables to export all tables of the Database.

Scroll down to Output section and select ” Save output to a file “.

Choose compression type as zipped from the dropdown and click on go to export your database file.

The zipped ( file ) export file will be saved in your computer.

Next, we have to create a new database if you don’t know how to create a new database then visit the link to know How to Create MYSQL Database and add User to Database in Cpanel.

Importing Database using phpMyAdmin.

once you create a new database head back to phpMyAdmin and select your newly created database from database list.

Now click on import Tab from the top and upload the Database file which you have exported.

After uploading click on go button,

Now the database importing process starts it takes some time to import the database.

once the import process finishes it displays a notification which says ” Import has been successfully finished “.

Hope this article helped you to duplicate the database using phpMyAdmin. if you are facing any issues you can ask in the comments section we will reply within 24 hrs.

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