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Making SIP / VoIP calls through Fring from mobiles ; Fring setting for VoIP / setup

Who does not want to make cheap calls to their loved ones. VoIP is the way to go. Enabling SIP on E71 was easy where can make a SIP call like a normal call. (see article) However, SIP call through E72 can be done through 2 ways: 1. Through the SIP call software from the […]

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Making VoIP calls through mobile through VoIP provider software; Setup

If your mobile does not have the capability of making direct SIP calls, you can use software provided by VoIP provider to make cheap low cost calls to your loved ones. Just download the software and define the access point and start calling. Alternately you can make calls using 3 party softwares like Nimbuzz or […]

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Setup SIP call settings for E71, VoIP calls through your Nokia mobile

Some of the Nokia phones offer you option making SIP/VoIP call lie a normal call. Following are the setting you need to do to enable SIP call in your Nokia mobile: Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Connection > SIP settings > Options > New SIP profile > Use default profile Profile name: […]

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