Who does not want to make cheap calls to their loved ones. VoIP is the way to go.

Enabling SIP on E71 was easy where can make a SIP call like a normal call. (see article) However, SIP call through E72 can be done through 2 ways:

1. Through the SIP call software from the service provider (see article)
2. Other through 3rd party software such as Nimbuzz or Fring as follows.

Download Fring from (here) and install on you phone.
Then register with Fring.

Before you go ahead, you should have an account with one of the VoIP service providers.

See this article if you want to compare and decide which VoIP provider will provide the best prices for your country.

After registering, enter the following setting in Fring:


Options > Go to >  Add-ons

Select SIP Icon

Goto last icon ” Other”

User ID : [email protected]

Password:  ******

Proxy address:  sip.voIPproviderName.com

The press Subscribe.

You are ready to make calls.