For people living as expatriates in Foreign countries, calling their home country is very expensive through the local Telecom services. To avoid the heavy charges of local services, you can use Voip calls through your mobile phones or computers. For those who don’t have Computer they can use their mobile phones provided it has a SIP calling facility. Once you purchase a mobile with SIP facility, you have to make the settings on your phone to enable Voip calls.
Here’s how.
This setting will work with following Voip companies
First go to (or any other Voip service) and download their free program and install it onto your PC.
When you start it will ask you to sign up so create an account with a username and password you will need these below where it says *your_user_name* and *your_password*.
Make sure you have at least one WLAN access point defined (*your_wlan_access_point* ) and it’s one you can get on to.
Then go to Menu->Tools->Settings-Connection->SIP settings and create a profile with the following settings :
Profile name : VOIP
Service Profile : IETF
Default Access point : *your_wlan_access_point*
Public user name : *your_user_name*   (if you use any other domain use that here instead of like
Use compression : No
Registration : always on
Use security : No
Proxy server
–> Proxy server address : none
–> Realm : none
–> User name : none
–> Password : none
–> Allow loose routing : Yes
–> Transport Type : UDP
–> Port : 5060
Registrar Server
–> Registrat serv. addr. :
–> Realm :
–> User name : *your_user_name*
–> Password : *your_password*
–> Transport Type : UDP
–> Port : 5060
Then go to Menu->Tools->Settings->Connection->Internet tel. settings ans set your default profile to use the SIP profile you just created.
If you have set it to When Required go into Menu->Connect->Internet tel.->Registration Status and select the profile to register and connect.
It will think about it for a bit and then it should connect you.
You will now have an extra call option when you look in Contacts and when you use the Call context menu. This option is to make an Internet Call.
NB : if you try to make a VOIP call to a number that is not free you will simply get an error saying Internet Call Service not available.
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