How do you maximise your income through email feeds?

Google’s Feedburner gives you an option to put Adsense  in feeds through mails.  Please read Adsense Through Feeds for more details.

But just putting the Adsense in the mail is not enough. You have to be smart enough to maximise the income. Feedburner gives you an option to put the AD either at the top of the mail or at the bottom. Our experience has shown that Ads at the top of the mail, before the content has a higher CTR.

Then there is the issue, whether to put Image or Text Ads. Again, experience has shown that Text Ads has very high CPC compared to Image Ads. Even though Image Ads have higher CTR, but in the long run its the Text Ads which actually give you more.

Using the right keywords can give you an extremely high CPC compared to low paying CPC.

Finally, send partial post in email and add Read More at the end of the mail, so that people visit your website as well thereby increasing probability of clicking Ads again.

Just for your info, for one of our websites, we are earning more in Feeds than through the website!!