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The Power of Keywords

Choosing the right keywords can increase your income from Google Adsense program manifolds. Yes, keywords do make such a big difference. It happened on one of our websites. We have a jokes website, where we post jokes everyday and those who subscribe receive it in their mails daily. But unfortunately the CPC for jokes keywords […]

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Choosing the Right Keywords

One of the most important aspect of income from Google ADs is the choosing of right keywords. The Google ADs are displayed according to the keywords. And each keyword has different CPCs. Choosing the right keyword is important because, even if you have high visitors to your website if the keywords are not high paying, […]

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7 Highest paying keyword categories: High CPC Adwords

So, what are the 7 highest paying keyword categories? What is the CPC? Below is a list of 7 categories which have the highest CPC. I have come to this conclusion after a lot of research and believe it to be 90% accurate. 1.Legal – relating to lawsuits Why Legal keywords are so top paying? […]

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