Choosing the right keywords can increase your income from Google Adsense program manifolds. Yes, keywords do make such a big difference. It happened on one of our websites. We have a jokes website, where we post jokes everyday and those who subscribe receive it in their mails daily. But unfortunately the CPC for jokes keywords is very low. So, we played a trick, and started posting jokes with the high paying keywords. For knowing the high paying keywords refer to my article 7 Highest paying keyword categories.

So, once we changed the keywords and posted jokes with the high paying keywords: Bingo, the income increased by 150 – 200%.

Now what you will do is start your own jokes website…..hey don’t ever do that. You will become my competitor. Just kidding.!!

What you have to do is just use the right keywords for whatever website you are running, because Keywords Do Matter!.

Try it yourself and tell me if it was useful.

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