One of the most important aspect of income from Google ADs is the choosing of right keywords. The Google ADs are displayed according to the keywords. And each keyword has different CPCs. Choosing the right keyword is important because, even if you have high visitors to your website if the keywords are not high paying, your income will be considerably low.

So how do you choose the right keywords? For knowing what keyword categories refer to my article 7 Highest paying keyword categories.

When you are choosing the keywords select the ones with the high CPC and CTR. But there is a glitch here. Keywords with high CPC have a low CTR. And keywords with low CPC have a high CTR. That means CPC and CTR are inversely proportional. So, what do you do?

Here comes the location aspect of the visitors. If you have more visitors from Europe/US/UK focus more on CPC. Because one click can give you more AD sense income than 10 people from Asia and Africa. I don’t know what kind of racial bias is this by google, but this is how it goes. In general, according to my personal experience CPC is more important than CTR.

So, whenever you are chaning the keywords keep a close watch on the CPC and CTR through Google Analytics, and you will know what is the right keyword to focus for your website.

The golden formula is Keyword Income = CPC *CTR * 1000

This will give you the income for 1000 page impressions. Compare the results for different keywords through analytics and you will get what is best for your website.

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