So, what are the 7 highest paying keyword categories? What is the CPC?

Below is a list of 7 categories which have the highest CPC. I have come to this conclusion after a lot of research and believe it to be 90% accurate.

1.Legal – relating to lawsuits

Why Legal keywords are so top paying? Because once any advertiser gets a client, he can get millions in law suits. So, paying a lot for advertising is still peanuts compared to what a get from their clients.

2. investing keywords – like forex, stock market etc

Investing keywords have high CPC because the advertisers get a lot of money in commissions. And the cost of ADs is nothing compared to their returns. keywords

Insurance is a huge industry now a days. And they are ready to pay a lot to market their products.

4.banking and finance

This category is huge and pays well.  Given the economic turmoil, people are looking for help with debt and refinancing.  Companies will smell opportunity to rake in big fees in this area and are willing to advertise. keywords

People searching the internet not only care about money but also care about their health.  They are often willing to spend big money looking for solutions to common health problems or to find information on cancer and its cures. keywords

People are losing jobs daily, and when the prospects for employment look bleak, people turn toward education.  What are some of the degrees that people might want to get in order to have better job prospects?  These are sources of high CPC keywords.  There are lots of for-profit education outfits willing to take your money and give you an education.  It is worth a few ad dollars to be able to charge thousands.
7.internet keyword (domain registration/webhosting )

Keywords related to domains and hosting pay pretty well.  Again, the ongoing client relationship with the annual or monthly fees is an important aspect.  Think of all the keywords that you can related to the internet, and you will see some good ideas.

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1.Legal – relating to lawsuits
2. investing keywords – like forex, stock market etc keywords
4.banking and finance keywords keywords
7.internet keyword (domain registration/webhosting )