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How to use iphone/itouch like a usb

How to use iPhone / iPod like a USB. The only thing you need is to install pwntunes from cydia. After installing the iPhone acts just like a USB where you can just drag and drop any file you want. Just access your iPhone using windows file explorer from my computer where the iPhone should […]

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How to copy music to iphone without itunes – Solution

Many of us at times wanted to access the music/ pictures/ videos in iPhone without connecting thru iTunes but were frustrated by the lack of support from apple or rather one Doyle say apple’s monopoly. With the help of pwntunes now is a simple as drag and drip images or music onto iPhone. The only […]

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How to send multiple photos by email in iphone

iPhone is an amazing phone but it lacks some basic features like sending many photos at once. It limits sending photos to five at a┬átime. You can overcome this by installing an app called” multiple photo email” a simple yet beautiful app that lets you send as many photos you want. First download the app […]

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