Iphone is an wonderful gadget, but the sad part is it is not water proof. One of the most common accidents with iphone is Screen cracking, and phone falling into water.

Here I will try to list the actions you need to take if your iphone falls in water.

  • As soon as the iPhone falls in water, take it out :-), dont let it lying there!!!
  • The Iphone after you take out of water will and should still be in working condition, but dont be very happy and start using it but turn if off immediately (By holding the power button for 5-8 seconds).
  • Next remove the battery as soon as possible to avoid any electricity in the phone. See How to remove iPhone’s battery
  • The phone should be allowed to get completely dry, if you don’t the phone will work for sometime and then some I.Cs will burn out due to water and short circuit
  • For drying the Phone you can use hair dryer initially, and then keep it in the Sun for about 2 days. (During this period you may become restless but don’t even think of turning on the phone. If you do you will lose it.)

After you are 100% sure that there is not even smallest trace of water inside the phone you can turn if on.

Best of luck

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