View of my windows 7 from iphone

If you ever needed to connect to the computer and were outside home then don’t despair. You can always connect using ‘Remote desktop connection’ app. All you need is to enable the remote connection feature on windows 7 or vista or whichever version you were using on your computer.

Note: the windows home and professional version are not supported by this software

First you need to install the RDP app in your phone.

Next make sure that remote desktop connection is enabled in your computer. Also note ip address of your computer you will need it in setup

Then open the RDP app where you will see a power button. Press it and a new window will open asking you the ip address and further details.

Enter only the ip address. don’t change anything else

Press connect on the top right and.. Voila!! You can see the desktop login window:-)

You can also setup the program to directly login by entering the username and password on the settings page.

Enjoy the experience.

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