Are you on diet?? Worried about calories?? want to know how many calories you are going to get from your breakfast, Pizza, Cookies etc.???

And keep track of your history ???

I essay on addiction know, before it’s a pain to count calories but now its very much easy…

The new application MealSnap developed by DailyBurn (a fitness social network who earlier developed many other diet related applications for iphone) will help you to know that how many calories your meal has.

What you have to do??

You Just take the picture of your meal with your iPhone and within a few minutes after matching it with database of 500,000 food items, application send you an alert of calories range.


This is not essential, but if you gave the caption to the picture it is easy to identify for evaluation and also helps app to identify the food.

Application keeps record of your diet history which help you to review it whenever you want and you can control your diet.

Also you can share with your friends by sending pictures with calories to educate them on any social network like Facebook, Twitter etc.

This is not guaranteed that app count calories 100% accurately  but good thing is that app gives you the range of calories like 300 – 400 calories.

You can download app for $2.99.

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