Best Islamic Application for iPhone.

Having leisure time?? Then earn some hasanat (sawab) by reading Quran in your iPhone.

To make your iPhone as your companion in leading an Islamic life we recommend the following apps:


–          This application gives you the native Prayer and Athan timings and Qibla direction.

–         If you are travelling a lot and don’t know the prayer timing of that particular country, iPray will help you to find the

correct time of prayer and Qibla direction.

–         iPray pro will help you in thousands of cities in more than 250 countries. Also you can set for seven days prayer


–         Pre-Athan alert: Short Takbir will play to alert you before 5 – 10 mintues of Athan or whatever time you set for alert.

–         Optionally you can enable iPray to switch on your iPhone at prayer time in order not to not miss of your prayer,

even when your iPhone is completely switch off.

–         Islamic events: iPray also will help you to find out the dates of important events and festival of Islam both in Hijri and

Gregorian for the current year.

–         Numerous Athan: Individual prayer can be assigned by the particular Athan (MP3 file), currently there is 6 files

(Makkah, Medina, Al-Aqsa, Bosnia, Yusuf Islam and Egypt)



Now its very much easy to read Nobel Quran from your palm by iPhone or iPad touch. You can download from above site with lots of features.

–         iQuran offers you to listen Quran in Arabic and translation in more than 7 languages with so many options.

–         You can select your favorite reciter available in the list. Below list of available recite in IQuran Pro with required space.

  • Sheikh Husary
  • Saood Shuraim  (in Pro)
  • Sheikh Mishary Al-Afasy  (in Pro)
  • Abdul Basit  (in Pro)
  • Abu Bakr Ash-Shaatree  (in Pro)
  • Ghamdi (in Pro)

–          If you want to memorize a Surah, you can repeat the Ayah upto 5 times.

–          Using Bookmark feature you can retrieve the last Ayah you were reading or your favorite verses.

–          iQuran allows you to delete or store particular reciter in your iPhone to save your memory space.


–         Using iZakah feature you can calculate your zakah on your iPhone and iPod touch to save time go here and there.

–         iZakah is free with full options for your iPhone and iPod touch.


–         iUmrah is very innovative, interesting and knowledgeable Islamic apps for iPhone.

–         Where you can get all info about Umrah like how to perform Umrah, what to do, what to avoid etc. etc.

–         For the new pilgrimage it is very helpful, with its visual guide where all main topics (Umrah overview, Meeqath,

Ehram, Makkah, Kaba, Tawaf, Saee and Halaq/Qasr) of Umrah has visually shown.

–         You can find the sub headings of main topics and details of the each sub topics.

–         Step by step guide: where you will find all snap shot of activities of Umrah with order and sequence.

–         Reference guide: you can find rules and regulation, how to perform task and lots of handy tips in reference guide.

–         Movement Chart: it is very interesting feature in iUmrah. It shows on which location what you have to perform by

clicking on the numbers.

–         Maps & Locations: Here you can find maps of important places of Makkah which is integrated with Google map.

–         Dua: There are more than 60 Duas in Arabic scripts in iUmrah for each location, like how can you make a Niyah of


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