Are you becoming tired of keeping track of two mobiles for your two different numbers???

Are your pockets become heavy with the thier weight?

Now it’s time to gift your 2nd mobile to your beloved ones.

Because now lot of Dual SIM mobiles are in Market with almost all features.

Some of leading mobile manufacturing companies are offering Dual SIM mobiles.

Like: HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG etc.

HTC: EVO 4G: Features: 4.3 inch TFT Touch screen, with 8 MP camera along with secondary camera of 1.3 MP(optical zoom, auto focus and twin LED flash are optional). Supports multimedia, include radio, audio and video player and YouTube player. 512 MB of RAM and 1024 MB ROM. Supported by Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi, WiMax and 2.0 USB applications with this user can enable to access Internet.

Nokia: Nokia C1-00, Nokia C2-00 Nokia C1 is available with basic options only, like make & receive call and text, FM radio, flash light and battery up to 6 weeks.

Nokia C2 Dual SIM mobile has some extra options like Ovi tools, mail and chat, Blue tooth, MicroSD card slot, VGA camera and battery as per Nokia lasts upto 16.5 days of use. These two mobiles are available in India.

Motorola offers Dual SIM in EX128 model.       Features: Dual SIM, WQVGA Touch screen display of 3.2 inch, 3 MP fixed camera Quad band GSM, Blue tooth, mini USB port, internal antenna and FM radio.

Samsung is offering Dual SIM mobiles in below models:

E1252, C3212, E1225, D880, B5722, C6112 and C5212.

Below are LG Dual SIM models:

GX200, GM200, GX300, GX500, LG360 and GT400

There is lot of Chinese Dual SIM mobiles in market with Camera radio and TV options.

One of my friend using Chinese mobile name C’KING. It has all other options what a branded mobile have except WiFi.

Great News: Today only I saw one Chinese mobile with 3 SIM cards with Camera of 2 MP, Flash light, External speaker in stylish cover with external battery (new options).

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