What is a backlink or inbound link? What is its importance.

This article throws light on the above subject.

Whenever a website has a link, it can be either of the two. The link relates to an external website or it relates to an article within the website. The external link is known as outbound link and the internal link is known as inboud link.

If your website has a link from an outer website its known as Backlink.

And if both the websites link back to each other its known as Reciprocal links.

So, why should we have Backlinks or reciprocal links?

Because, Backlinks increase your rank in the eyes of Search Engines, inturn increasing chances for your website to be on top of search. Google gives great importance to backlinks.

Factors that matter in Backlinks or reciprocal links.

1.Rank of the website giving the backlink.

2.Related content of the website.

3.Number(quantity) of backlinks.

Search engines want websites to have a level playing field, and look for natural links built slowly over time. Deliberately creating backlinks using link farms (website solely for the purpose of backlinks), is dangerous and can be found out by the search engines. Which can eventually get you banned.

Reciprocal links, with websites having the same content as you are really a good option, if you want to create links for your website.

Lastly, inbound links are to an extent beneficial in two ways. Firstly it increases the page views for your website and hence increasing the CTR. Secondly they can increase your rank, though to a lower extent.

Try these tips, and your rank is surely going to increase.

Best of luck!!!