So you have a Jokes website or want to create one, and earn money.

Let me share you my own experience. I have a Jokes website, which I wanted to monetize through adsense. But after months of marketing and creating so many subscribers, I was still not able to generate money through Adsense. What I realized was, that the keywords which are used in a jokes website, give rise to those ADs which have a very low CPC. Extremely low. Terribly low.

But I dint give up. I did a research of the most paying keywords. i.e keywords with a high CPC. And then I came to a conclusion of 7 categories.To know those categories check the link 7 Highest paying keyword categories.

Then I started posting jokes with the above keywords. And Bingo!!! The CPC increased drastically. and so did the income.

This is just one aspect of increasing the CPC for a jokes website. But, how to do increase the visitors and keep them forever. Use Subscribe option. But dont just use subscribe. People are allergic to that word, and most websites are using it to spam the people.

So present it in a nice manner.Like, “want to have fun in your mail daily, subscribe”, use similar kind of text to make subscribers. And believe me subscribers are great assets for the websites. Just take it this way, once you send a nice joke to your subscribers, they will forward it to their friends, and on and on, the cycle will go.

And what’s the best part? you can even put ADs in the mails to your subscribers and earn through it. Yes, your read it right!! You can put Google Ads in the mails through Feedburner. To know how to put Adsense in email check Feedburner is a part of and its generally used for Feeds. But it can also be used to send feeds in the mails and put google ADs in it. In this way you can get income from two sources: Website and Feeds.

An additional point which we observed through our jokes website was that, people are lazy now a days. And they are more fond of images/pictures than text jokes. So we started to put picture jokes. But there was a glitch. We were not getting ADs as per our keywords. Since there were no keywords in the posts only pictures. Then suddenly we got an idea….Bingo…why not post a joke with both picture and text. Picture will increase the number of visitors and text will give us the high paying CPC keywords.Bang!! Once it was implemented, our visitors as well as income increased more than a 100 -150%.!!!.

So, if you plan to start a jokes website…..(pls don’t…you will be my competitor), implement the above points, then you are on the way to get income & have fun at the same time.

Best of luck!!!