Though the topic looks a bit, odd but I know by the time you finish this blog ,you would not only accept it but propagate it among your friends.

To begin with no, device,instrument,service is without disadvantages how much beneficial it looks at the face value. And Facebook is no exception.

Now let’s face the reality. Just imagine, if a stranger comes to your home knocking and asks you personal details; like your father’s name,mother’s name, your date of birth, what are your likes & dislikes, what kind food you like, your friends names, your qualification, where you work,etc …..would you answer even one of the above questions, without knowing his identity?? The answer is a BIG Obvious NO!! You would say, hey I am not crazy to give those personal details to that stranger.

But this exactly what you are doing on Facebook & even more. You even share your personal photographs, family pictures, pictures of your wedding sitting with your beautiful wife, …all for an absolute stranger to intrude into your personal privacy.

And what do those people with a criminal mindset do, is use this information to access your email ID. They can use the “Forgot Password” feature and answer the security question, since they already know your personal details. What more, if you have Paypal Account, they can finish it in no time. They can get access to all your personal details like Bank Accounts, Credit card number and all the vital information which is there in the emails.

What more they can even rob your house, since you already posted your ‘Status’ in Facebook that you are on a business trip and nobody is at home.

So, the conclusion is what ever information you feel like sharing on Facebook or any other social media website, just think it this way, will I share this information with a total stranger? if the answer is no, then don’t post it on Facebook either.

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