How to make your site come at the top in Google search?
This is the No.1 question asked by all website owners.
There are few simple ways to get your website among the top ranks during search by your target audience:
1. Increasing the ranking of your website. This can be done through backlinks.
2. Having genuine and unique content is one of the key to getting high rank and good hits from search engine. There is no alternative or shortcut for this. It really pays to have genuine and unique content.
3. Once you have your article ready, you need to very carefully chose the heading of your article as during the rest of the article is truncated and only heading is visible. So to decide the heading for your article carefully as follows:
Search on Google for your topic and see what words and phrases other people are using for their headings. Accordingly modify your heading. It is OK if the heading becomes long as long it make sense and includes words/phrases that describe your article.
This time investment is worth it as it will enable more people to come your website. What is the use of writing an article if people are not going to read it ??
4. Another important technique is dividing your article into sub-articles and having separate page for each article – this way –
  i) You will have more articles.
  ii) Each article will have its own heading, so the chances of it appearing on google search will be more. (Google lists the heading of the article in the search and only partial text body).
  iii) Individual page for each article optimizes and brings out the message for the search engines compared to a page where different topics covered in same article will lessen the intensity of the topic.
Do the above tips work ? Well, the proof of pudding is in eating and your reading of this article is the proof of it.
Did you find the article useful ? Do you have any comments ? or queries ?
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