How to setup Auto backup for your Call Logs and SMS using 3rd party application:

I am using SMS Backup + available for free from Google play store. There are many 3rd party applications available to backup SMS and call logs. It is however beyond the scope to test all the applications available in the market. The main reason for this article is to provide you with having a backup for all the call logs and specially the SMS in case of disaster to your phone or in case you delete your important SMS such as bank transaction alerts, credit card payment, sms from your love once, etc.. or call logs to keep a record of the frequent conversations.

Installing SMS backup + from google play store:

  1. Open the google play store and search for app: SMS Backup +. I hope everyone is already aware of play store app and those who are not the icon is like:


2.From Play store search for SMS Backup + and select download . It will ask you to accept the terms and procedures. Once you select accept it will automatically download and install the app.


3. Now open the SMS Backup+ from the applications


4. By default the open application will be like the screen shot provided below:


5. If you have Gmail account you may sync with your gmail and all your call logs including sms will be shown in your gmail account. The synchronization will take some time for all the call logs and sms. If you want to connect with your Gmail account mark tick in the square box.

NOTE: If your android device is already setup with google account , you will be prompted to select your gmail account as below:


6. You may define other settings in Auto backup like backup only when you are connected WiFi and other things as shown below


7. You can schedule to back up SMS at regular intervals as defined below


8. If you want to backup Whatsapp you can even do it. For this you will need to select Advance Settings from the main screen as shown below and select Backup Setting: Select Backup WhatsApp


9. That’s it now you can backup your android device and restore it as and when the need arise.