Heated battle between the two leading browse makers to attract more users to their browser.

Last dissertation software week IE9 has been launched by Microsoft and this week  on 22nd March 2011 Mozilla will release its latest version of browser Firefox 4.

Firefox 4 is going to launch today 22nd Mar, 2011 with some new features compare to its previous version 3.6.

1.      Firefox4 coming with new design with excellent performance.  

2.      Firefox4 is 6 – 10 times faster and quicker than previous version, you can feel its speed in startup time and  performance of webpage.

3.      One change which I like more in firefox4 is “Switch-to-Tab” option, when you are opening a new tab or typing some site in the address bar which is  already open on that window, Firefox will check to see if you already have that site open, if so you will be directed to the existing site tab so that you don’t end up opening a duplicate of  page of same site.

4.      Tap group: If you have too many tabs open on your window, Firefox4 will gave you the best option to organize tabs in to groups by name. To get started select the Tab Groups icon from the right side of the tabs, drag and drop your tabs into manageable groups and gave the related names to the groups or simply you can move to the group by right click any tab.

5.      All Tabs placed on the top of the address bar which gives you more space to make you easier to focus on the content of the sites.

6.      All Menu items are combined in a single button.

7.      Bookmark button have been placed on the upper right side of the page which combined all bookmarks in a single button. You can find your favorite links without getting bogged down.  

8.      Stop, refresh and go buttons are combined in a single button and placed in right side of address bar.

9.      Privacy protection: Firefox4 has implemented “Do not track” option with this option user have right to keep his privacy (personal information like passwords, ID, name) to untraceable.

10. Firefox 4 will support for HTML5 video standards to play WebM format, where you can open and watch HD videos.

WebM means : A format design for web to open media files. WebM consists of video and Audio streams compressed with VP8 Video  codec and Vorbis Audio codec.

11. Firefox Sync: you will be able to open your pages, navigates those pages if you close your desktop and you want same environment when you open again any time without having to go and recreate every device you open subsequent to that.

12. Form complete: I hope this option will make you to save your valuable time. If you tired of typing out the same answers again and again, now Firefox4 has solution for that, when you are filling bank registration form Firefox4 will suggest you the information for each field based on your most common answers for similar fields in other forms.

13. Spell check: By using Firefox4 you will save your time and free of worrying of typos, A built-in- spell checker will works directly in the web pages.

14. Tags: if you forget the exact site name no need to worry. By labeling a site with names or categories that are related to site, like, you can name both www.yahoomail.com and www.gmail.com with the “mails” tag. When you enter “mails” in the address bar, both sites will be shown as results. Number of tags you can create and single site can have more than one tag.

15. Firefox4 is not available on Apple’s IPhone because of terms and conditions of Apple store, but it is available for Android mobiles.

Happy surfing. You can download Firefox 4 here.

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