If you want to earn income from your Images, then GumGum is the answer.

Let me share you my  experience with Gumgum on one of my Websites.  

I have a website which contains many images, and I thought of monetizing those images through Gumgum. Even though I had Google adsense implemented on my website. But there was nothing with Adsense to  monetize the images.(Though later I found another Ad network for pictures, which displays Google Ads)

The implementation was also as simple as downloading a plugin. Once downloaded the GumGum Ads will appear on your images automatically.

But when I implemented GumGum on my website, the overall income of the website started to go down. The payouts of GumGum was extremely low compared to Adsense. The Adsense CTR also started to go down.

Finally I had to abandon GumGum and stick with my favourite Google Adsense.

GumGum can be used for those websites, if your Adsense account is blocked.

But still better solution than Gumgum is Pixazza – Google Ads.