So what are the major factors which give you income from a website. We are talking only about google ADs here.

There are basically 4 major factors:

1.Number of visitors
2.Visitor Location
4.ADs optimisation (CTR & CPC)

Now the number of visitors can be increased by doing SEO or mass email or Facebook marketing or whatever. But you have to increase the number of people visiting your website. More the number of people, higher is the probability of them clicking your ADs.

But the kind/location of the visitors is also important. If the visitors are from Europe/US/Canada you get a very high payout for the same AD. But the same AD in Asian countries will give you a very low CPC. So you have to target the right location to get a high payout.

But just getting a high traffic on your website is not enough. If you choose the wrong keywords with a low CPC your payout will be very less. Just changing it to the right keywords can increase your income manifolds.

Finally ADs optimsation, is also equally important. Choose the right color, position and font to get a high CTR, which will make the people click your ADs.

So here is the master formula:

Income from website = Visitors(qlty & qty) x keywords x ADs optimisation

By using this master formula you can make a full fledge income from a website.

Good luck!!

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