Time wastage on internet is a major problem.
Internet has got many benefits and is a wonderful resource but many times (actually most of the time) it happens that time on internet is not so productive as we want to it to be.
Well, here we have a few tips on how to utilize Internet in a useful manner.
Always before you sit on the PC/internet, decide for how long you are going to sit. Keep a clear deadline.
Be clear what task you plan to do when you sit on the PC.Else you will wander to so many websites that in the end whatever tasks you planned does not get done. If you find something interesting and useful – mark it in your bookmarks/favorites for future sitting. Sit in a planned manner.
When you sit on a PC, open a txt file and make a list of all the tasks you intend to do and cross it when you have completed it.
You install 2-3 different browsers in you PC like Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Mozilla etc. Using multi-browsers will save time. For example, you can open in one browser all you different emails like yahoo, GMail and Hotmail in different emails in the same tab. (You can allow browser to remember your passwords) When you are finished browsing, close the window and not individual tabs. So when you sit on the PC next time, just open the browser and all your 3 emails open immediately and you save time and efforts. Similarly you can have in another browser – say Chrome – your Facebook account, Finance page( if you are into stocks or following the dollar trend etc) and www.mywebexperience.com   to see the latest updates on all the these websites in a single click.
When checking emails, if any of the mails is long and not urgent, just mark it unread and schedule to read it latter – do not disturb this session’s schedule. Remember nothing is urgent unless you it so.
That is all for this time. If you find useful let us know.
Also we would be happy if you can share how are making productive use of internet.
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