When ever you are writing any blog, there are a few important points to be kept in mind.

1.The article should be Search Engine Optimized – SEO (to get new visitors)

2.High CPC keywords to be used (to get high income)

3.Give something of value (to retain the visitors)

Blogging is not about just writing, whatever comes to your mind. You have to be smart enough, to get yourself known by others. Now, lets’ discuss the above points in detail.

1.Article should be Search Engine Optimized – SEO

SEO is search engine¬†optimization. To know more details please go through SEO category. If the article is SEO you will get traffic through the search engines. And this is the best way to get organic traffic. To know what kind of keywords are most searched by the people, go through the Google Adwords. And make a search of the related keywords about which you plan to write. You can see, there is a column for ‘Global Monthly Searches’ , this will give you an idea about the popularity of the keywords i.e how many times it is searched in one month.

Then the next important thing you have to see is the ‘competiton’ column. This gives you an idea, about the number of websites catering to this keyword. So, if the competition is low or atleast medium, you can go for it. Otherwise its very difficult to come at the top of search.

2.High CPC keywords to be used

Then the next important column is the ‘Avg. CPC’. This gives you an idea about the payouts for that keywords. So, obiviously choose the ones with the high payouts. I am using the word ‘high’ not the highest, because you have to balance it with ‘competition’. That means,idealistically the best keywords are those with the highest CPC and the lowest competition.

Now, once you have decided what keywords to use, you should know how and where to place it. You need to use the keywords in the Title of the blog as well as the body. The Title of the blog is very important, since that is the one which shows up when someone searches on the net. Better the title, more is the probability to get searched. This is for the SEO part. ¬†But then you need those ADs to show up in your post which are related to your ‘important keywords’. Here comes in the keyword density. i.e how many times you use the keyword in your article. Try not to overdo it, as it might become so grammatically incorrect that people might think that English is a foriegn language for you.lol. Also google will penalize you, if it finds out that you are doing keyword stuffing.

3.Give something of value

Finally, the most important part is that your article must give its readers something of value. Where they get, what they came for so that they subscribe your blog and become repeat visitors.

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