User Registration and login  is one of the most important procedures for retaining visitors. And keeping is simple is very important!!

Because if the registration process is complicated or if it involves lots of fields a large no. of visitors are not going to get translated into registered users. There any a no. of rules and tips that we can follow to keep the registration simple.

  1. Try to use third party logins or connecting methods that make login and registration procedure very easy and simple and avoid spam. Like Facebook Connect, OpenIDs of Yahoo and Google. The Facebook connect API (Now Open Graph) gives you all the necessary information needed like the user’s name, email, birthday, address and reduced the registration efforts to 2 simple clicks.  See why and how to implement OpenID on your website and Why and How to use Facebook Connect for my Site
  2. Try to keep the form as small as possible. Like use only the Username, email and password fields.
  3. If you need to add more fields or get more user info then always try to minimize the compulsory fields in the registration form. Like keep only the email and name field compulsary. All others should be optional.
  4. All compulsary fields should be show * symbol. It should be followed by the description of * as Must fill at the end of form.
  5. Don’t use computer generated passwords for logins. Allow the user to select an own password during registration.
  6. If you use email confirmation method in registration you are going to loose 40% of the registrants, and many people will not open email to click the confirmation email link.
  7. Try to keep simple CAPATACHA but dont avoid CAPATACHA, as  it is useful in stopping spam.

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