I was having great problem uploading database to phpmyadmin, especially when it becomes greater than 2MB.

Method 1- Using Putty

You need Putty, SSH access, and the database file.

  1. Just upload the complete database file .sql into your server using any file transfer programs.
  2. Create a empty database if already not there. (use database wizard if you are using cPanel).
  3. Then logon to your server using SSH access (Putty) and go to the directory where you have uploaded your .sql file and run the following command.
  4. mysql -u USERNAME -p -h localhost DATABASENAME < FILENAME.sql
  5. You will be asked password for mysql user.
  6. Over Р(To upload a .sql file of 700 MB  from server to database it took me just 10 seconds)

Method 2 is here http://mywebexperience.com/2010/06/upload-large-database-to-mysql-easy-method/

If you have any questions please do let me know.