Transfering phone contacts from Nokia mobile to Android HTC Desire without using PC but by Bluetooth.

First thing you need when you switch to a new mobile is your contacts.
Last year when I switched from one Nokia to another Nokia phone, I used sync feature.
But I faced a little frustration initially when I got my HTC Desire Android phone.
Some of the solution I got on Internet were long that involved connecting your phones to PC.
However here is the short and fast way of transferring your contacts to your Android mobile.
Goto Contact on you Nokia mobile.
Goto Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark all
Again goto Options > Send > Business card (it may take a while if you have more than a 300 contacts) > Via Bluetooth
Select your HTC Desire mobile.
On HTC Desire it will ask permission to pair. Allow pairing as you will be transferring multiple contacts.
Once you receive the contact files you will get a notification on your HTC Desire.
Open the notification and tap on any one of the contacts and then select “Import all vCard files” and viola you have all the contacts in your new HTC Desire in less than a minute and without opening your PC.
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  • Garspa

    This is great information, but what if after you mark them all there is no choice to send them out?  The only thing I was able to do was to copy them to a sim card which is not what I want. It appears on older Nokia phones that the send option is not available.  My phone is about 4 years old.  so how to do use bluetooth on an older device to transfer contacts to an Andriod phone?

  • manish

    great info. ..thank you

  • Luka

    life & time saver :) . I’ve tried downloading PC software, had multiple issues recognizing the nokia device and eventually failed :-( but this is an absolute easy to use solution to transfer your contacts without any hassle. thank you