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Maximise income through Feeds

How do you maximise your income through email feeds? Google’s Feedburner gives you an option to put Adsense  in feeds through mails.  Please read Adsense Through Feeds for more details. But just putting the Adsense in the mail is not enough. You have to be smart enough to maximise the income. Feedburner gives you an […]

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Funny Jokes Website – How to monetize!!

So you have a Jokes website or want to create one, and earn money. Let me share you my own experience. I have a Jokes website, which I wanted to monetize through adsense. But after months of marketing and creating so many subscribers, I was still not able to generate money through Adsense. What I […]

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Adsense in Emails ? (Yes its true) (Via adsense for feeds)

Today while working with Adsense I discovered that adsense can also be made to appear in emails. Yes not the usual email but by starting a feed and linking it with Adsense for feeds (http://feeds.feedburner.com/Mywebexperiencecom). When anyone who is subscribed to this feed recieved the update in the form of email he/she will also recieve […]

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