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Now Google Docs videos can be directly viewed from your browser

Google the King of internet, is always going for technological advancements to make its Tools more and more user-friendly. Its latest development has enabled viewing the videos uploaded in your Google Documents directly in your browser. And it is as simple as just playing a video on your normal computer. Just click on it and […]

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Google wishes "New Year 2011 GMMXIE" In Latin and Roman

This Friday I was at home with my laptop and I was searching on net for something on www.google.com, but surprise to see new logo “GMMXLE” on Google ┬ásite instead of its normal logo. Although Google always try to give new look to its logo instead of keeping the same logo for a long. I […]

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Forward Gmail to other mail boxes

All the mails that arrive in an Gmail inbox can be forwarded to any other mail box using the wonderful feature made available to us by Google. This is similar to importing mail from gmail to hotmail or yahoo but only thing is action is taken by gmail. To activate this feature in Gmail you […]

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