Synchronize your Android with Microsoft Outlook 2007


Here I will guide you how to manage your phone. As most of us use outlook for emails, contacts are stored easily in address book, meetings in calendar and notes, we would like them to up keep them synchronized. I tried to find out many apps to synchronize my outlook 2007 with contacts and specially the notes and calendar but still working hard to get it done.

I finally came across third party app “MyPhone Explorer” which will eventually do what I was looking for. I am just the user and not the sales representative or promoting you to use it as it is really upto you to use it or not but I sure recommend you

It’s a free app and you can donate it if you want.


Let us begin with this.


You need to download client version for your android. Just go into google play store and search for MyPhone Explorer client and install it.


Step 2:

Now you need to install the desktop version of My PhoneExplorer client. You can download and install this from their official website link as provided below:

Once you have installed the desktop application open it on your desktop or laptop


Step 3:

Open the MyPhoneExplorer client from your apps


Now you have 3 options to connect your phone with your Laptop and desktop.

  1. Using WiFi
  2. Bluetooth
  3. USB cable.

I will be using the 1rd option using WiFi.

Note: If you are using USB cable mode make sure the USB-Debugging mode is turned on as shown below.

You can turn it ON by going  on your Android device as below:


Under settings click on More icon as shown in the picture below:

Select Security


Under security Scroll down a and you will find Unknown Sources Box unticked. Just select it and you are done.


Now open the MyPhoneExplorer on your Android device. As said earlier I will be using WiFi mode and you may use whatever available either WiFi,Bluetooth or USB.


Select OK on WiFi and another PoP up window will appear for WiFi-PIN as shown below: Just enter the PIN whatever you want and click ok

Now from your laptop or desktop open MyPhoneExplorer and click on file and select settings as shown in below picture.

Here under settings tab first option is connection.

Select the Phone type (In my scenario it is Android) and in connect via field change it to Auto detect and click ok.


Go into Sync tab and define the settings as per your requirement.


Here I am selecting for Note on advance tab to force the note to be synchronize with phone.Once you are ok with it click ok. This completes the setting required.


Now again go back to file and this time select connect. It will search and detect the Phone is connected on WiFi. Enter the WiFi PIN that you entered on Phone. In this example it is 1234 as shown below. Once it is connected  it will ask you to enter the name for the device too as shown in 2nd screen shot




Once you enter the name of the device and click OK the synchronization starts.

After synchronization you may refer to your phone for all the contacts, notes, calenders.

Note:  all the notes, tasks  starts with MPE. Example: MPE Notes, MPE tasks