First of all what is SEO? for those who don’t know SEO is Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO means your are getting traffic through Search Engine for which you don’t have to pay anyone, also known as Organic Search!! And this is one of the biggest and the most profitable sources of marketing. So if your website is SEO optimised you can expect a very high traffic, with minimal efforts. See the figure below, to get a clear picture of what is Organic Search and Paid Search.

Organic Search and Paid Search

Below are the factors which help to make your website SEO optimised.

1. Domain Name

Have you ever observed that, whenever you search a word in Google, the top most results are those which have the Domain same as the searched word.  So, if you want to run a website which deals in buy/selling of Cars, its best to use the word car in the domain. Instead of using, any other name, unless your brand name is very popular.

2. Title Tag

Title tag is also equally important. Title tag are those words, which describe what your website has. And if the words in the Title Tag match the searched words, it nearly plays the same role as the domain name.

3. Backlinks

Backlinks are very important to make your website SEO. To know more about backlinks please go through Why Backlinks. Once, your website has good about of backlinks, it will get on top of the search results, hence giving you organic traffic.

These are some of the most basic techniques on SEO. Please go through the SEO category to get more information.