Also see Promo Codes is a wonderful service and I have been using is for past 3 years.

The first time i signed up on was then it was having an offer for .com domains for $5 only. Since then I have been stuck with, and also got all my domains hosted with other registrars to under always open domain transfer offer.

The best part with was that the domain becomes available for you to manage in the next 3 seconds of the moment you press the register button.

But I also had some unique experience on when some jealous person filed an Wrong WHOIS Complaint РWDPR against one of my domain names. The best part was that domain was Privacy Protected. (See my Conversation with Here regarding this issue.) is one of the largest registrars and provides some additional feature you will never find with other companies. Some of the features which were of use to me are listed below

GOOGLE APPS has collebrated with Google, and provides with a simple one click Installation and even verification og Google Apps which saves us a lot of time and efforts.

Whois Privacy

The whois privacy service with is ultimate, and actually till recently was free. But I still get the WHOIS Privacy free using the coupon codes available. (See Coupons ).

Email Me My Domain List

As the name says, you get an complete list of domain owned by you, and makes is very simple to add list of sites to Adsense allowed sites list, analytics etc

Accounts Flexibility

You can transfer domain from one login to another in 3 simple steps. This is quite useful when you want to hand over your domain to your client, just create his username and password and transfer the domain managment to him.

Similarly you have an option of SUB account where you can give the managment of some domains to additional users. Only selected domains can be managed by the sub account admin. Similarly cloned account option is also provided by

Adsense for Domain has an one click setup for Google Adsense for domain, making it very easy to install adsense.

Bulk Account Management

Once I had changed my webhost and wanted to update the dns of multiple domains, using this simple feature I was able to update the nameserver of all the domains in few clicks and even the WHOIS record.

An screen short from my Control Panel – as a proof

An screen short from my Control Panel - as a proof

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