Protecting Excel Cells and Worksheets

  • Sometimes you want to give your Excel file to someone else and prevent them from changing the formulas for seeing some hidden cells.

–          Designating which cells to be locked or hidden.

–          Protecting the spreadsheet or workbook.

  • Note several weird peculiarities:

–          The default for all cells in a spreadsheet if LOCKED. So if you want the receiver of your worksheet to change the content of a cell, unlock the cell before protecting the spreadsheet.

–          The formulas in a cell can be seen even if the spreadsheet is locked – UNLESS you hide that cell before protecting the spreadsheet.

  • To lock/unlock and hide/unhide a cell, select the cell(s) and select Format: Cell. Select the Protection tab when the dialog box appears.
  • To protect /unprotect a spreadsheet, select Tools: Protection: Protect Sheet.
  • Note: you can specify a password that can be entered to unprotect the sheet and allows these changes.

Note: Excel has a long history, and it keep on to develop and change. therefore, the tips provided above do not necessarily apply to all versions of Excel.

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