We were doing a complete reserch on the importance of keyword in domain.

For example if you are making a Jokes website should you include the word JOKE in the domain name or not. Will it bring any better results with respect to SEO.

The answer is yes. Keywords also play a very important role in SEO of the site. For example if you do a simple search Search Engine on Google you will see that the top 10 results have atleast 5 sites having the word SEARCH in their domain name.

So after this research we decided to include the keyword in our domain in order to enhance our sites SEO. Many people think that using Unique name like Google, Bing will bring them a trademark, but the fact now is that people are more dependent on search engines. If you have millions of dollar budget for Marketing then using a unique name in the domain is Okey.

If you have any questions do let us know.